Grilled Corn Salsa: A Recipe

Grilled Corn Salsa can be eaten as a dip or can also be used as a taco topping. I especially like these flavors atop a beef taco. Real good.


IMG_2873What you need:

6-8 medium to large ears of corn, husked 

1 cup of diced red onion

I little tub of cherry tomatoes, halfed
or about 2 cups of diced tomatoes

1 bell pepper, diced

3/4 cup of olive oil

Lots and lots of cilantro
Cilantro is kind of like cow bell… You can never have too much

One large lime

2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar 

Salt and pepper

What to do:

First off you need to grill the corn. Brush the ears with olive oil and season with salt and pepper before putting them on the grill. They shouldn’t take longer than 10- 12 minutes to cook. Make sure to turn the ears periodically. Let cool.

While your corn is cooling is an ideal time to chop and dice your other ingredients. Add your tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and cilantro into a large mixing bowl. Toss together.

Once your corn is cool, cut it from the cob and add it to the salsa mix. Add the juice from the lime, and the balsamic vinegar. I think the balsamic really pulls this salsa together, it brings out the sweetness in your corn and adds some depth to this composition. Lastly, salt and pepper to taste.
Keep chilled until serving. 

This recipe serves four (or one in my case). 


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