Irish Michelada

After my latest visit to Mexico I was feeling self conscious about my red hair and ivory complexion. I just did not blend with my people.
Like at all.
I was the whitest girl on the Quinceañera dance floor. Admittedly, that could have something to do with my lack of moves. Either way, I have some undeniable non-Hispanic traits. 

So, I’ve decided that I’m Irish Mexican.


In honor of my self proclaimed Irish Mexican heritage, I’ve created a new drink. The Irish Michelada made with Guinness Draught.

WTH, you say?
Maybe it’s just my eclectic taste buds, but the Irish Michelada is delightful.

I went lighter on the lime than I do with my normal (aka boring) Michelada and I added a few dashes of Worcestershire Sauce. Worcestershire isn’t an uncommon ingredient and can be found in Micheladas all across Mexico. Micheladas can also be made with bouillon cubes, but those are high in sodium and weird.


What you need:

1 can of Guinness Draught
1/4 lime or about 1/2 tablespoon of lime juice
1/2 cup of bloody mary mix or regular old tomato juice could work
2-4 dashes of a hot sauce of your choosing
3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

Optional: salt and chili powder for glass rim, and more lime for garnish

What to do:

First salt the rim of your glass by combining some salt and chili powder on a small plate. Rub a lime wedge along the rim of the glass and then dip into your salt. Avoiding the rim of the glass pour in your Bloody Mary mix, hot sauce, Worcestershire and lime. Stir. Next pour in your can of beer. Don’t be timid about this step. Don’t worry about holding your beer or glass at an angle. The Guinness Draught is best when just dumped upside down into the glass. Wait for it to settle. Then drink.

Now I just need to decide what pairs best with an Irish Michelada.
Tequila or Irish Whiskey?



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