Cinco De Mayo on Tulsa Time

Hello Tulsa!
Here’s the downtown agenda for Cinco De Mayo.

12pm- 4pm: El Guapos Cantina
This annual street party starts at noon. So go for lunch and stay a while. Can’t go for lunch?… Well, you still need to stop by after work, enjoy a margarita, and grab your new party shirt. This year’s party is featuring live music and the game “PLINKO DE MAYO”.  Uhh, Fun!!

Yeah, this is real and you need it.
Yeah, this is real and you need one. (Tear)


Next Stop Soundpony Bar
This stop is especially important because it’s Soundpony’s Tenth Anniversary. Tenth!!
If your night starts and ends here, there will be no judgement. This place has become a staple in Tulsa’s night scene and for all the right reasons.



7pm: Elote
7pm is essential because that’s when the Chihuahua Races start. Like El Guapos, Elote is having a whole street festival of fun.
If you still have not eaten, you should really make that happen. I suggest puffy tacos. For my vegetarian friends they will be serving sweet potato puffy tacos. Delish.



Last Stop: Hodges Bend
Get yourself out of the street party chaos and head over to Hodges Bend. They have an amazing drink on their menu, the Abeja.  It contains both tequila and Irish whiskey.
Uh, yyeesssss!, both Irish and Mexican. Soooo Goood.


If you still have energy and you aren’t driving or adulting Friday moring, revisit Soundpony .
The Soundpony, much like The Colony, is always a bad idea at this point in the night. If you’ve never made this mistake, you haven’t lived.


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