Midtown Tulsa Taco Map

Alrighty friends, I’ve made you a Taco Map!
Well it’s more of an all encompassing Midtown Mexican Food Map. I’m sure that I have missed a couple, but this map is full of gems. I included a few of my favorite Tex- Mex spots, but no chain restaurants have been added. Don’t get me wrong, I can tear up some Chimi’s. However, this map isn’t to help locate the nearest franchised food spot, but meant to aid you in dining off the beaten path.

As most Tulsa Midtowner’s will tell you, nothing past 51st or Sheridan counts as Midtown. I’ve heard some pretty hardcore opinions on this subject. ┬áThat being said, I’ll be putting together a South City Taco Map as well.

Up next is the Downtown Taco Map.
I imagine the last, definitely not the least, will be the East Tulsa Taco Map.

So many tacos and so little time.



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