The Return of a Tulsa Gem!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the return of a true Tulsa gem, Las Americas Restaurant on 3rd Street!
I was grief- stricken after their closing in the fall of 2014.

Los Americas Restaurant 2118 E 3rd St
Los Americas Restaurant   2118 E 3rd St

So at seeing the big yellow sign,”We are back!”, my heart literally skipped a beat.
Apparently, they reopened mid June.
(Man, I’ve been off my taco game… gotta get my sh*t together.)
According to Alma Martinez, the general manager, it’s the original crew and everything. Not just original from before they closed in 2014, but original from when they first opened in 2002. How amazing is that?!
There are a few noticeable differences though. The largest being the addition of a buffet. The buffet occupies the space that was previously a small Mexican grocery store. I used to enjoy looking at all the pinatas and other exotic imported items. However, a grander Los Americas Grocery Store is only three blocks away and owned by the same man. I’m sure the logistics of running a smaller second store, just down the street, were complicated and not worth the hassle.

Even with the loss of the grocery store, the place feels the same. The salsa taste the same and still comes in little disposable clear cups. They have the full original menu in addition to the new buffet. I’m not much of a buffet lady myself, but I will note that there were about 20 construction worker types savoring the buffet offerings… I may not be the demographic they were going for… odd… Hard to believe the world doesn’t revolve around me.

In all seriousness, if you’ve never been, make it happen. Las Americas is open each day for lunch at 10:30. You should go. Soon.

Pastor Tacos. Yum!
My favorite, Tacos Al Pastor. Yum!


Ignore my misspelling =)
Ignore my misspelling =)

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