Michelada: What to drink while eating tacos

Micheladas are one of the most popular drinks in Mexico and in my mouth.
I think the easiest way to describe a michelada is to imagine the baby of a bloody mary and a Corona.

The first time I had a michelada was on Cinco De Mayo in 2007 or possibly 2008. Either way/year, I was immediately hooked. I’m a sucker for any salty beverage… bloody marys, dirty martinis, salty dogs…

Traditionally micheladas are served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass and everyone agrees on the lime, but otherwise the recipe varies depending on the region of Mexico. Below is my recipe. There are more elaborate recipes to be found, but mine has never disappointed. 

Yes, that is a Tecate glass and I was using Dos Equis.
Yes, that is a Tecate glass and I was using Dos Equis.


Regular 12oz can or bottle of Mexican lager
1/2 lime or about 1 tablespoon of lime juice
1/3 cup of bloody mary mix (my jam is Zing Zang)
2-4 dashes of a hot sauce of your choosing (I use Sriracha)

Optional: sea salt or chili powder for glass rim, and more lime for garnish

What to do:

First salt the rim of your glass by putting salt or chili powder, or better yet combine both, on a small plate. Rub a lime wedge along the rim of the glass and then dip into your salt. Pour in your bloody mary mix and 2-4 dashes of hot sauce. Add your lime and lastly, slowly pour your beer in and swirl a bit to mix all this yumminess together.



On Fleek

My students taught me a slang word today. Fleek.

For Example:
My taco blog is on fleek.
As are my taco blog resolutions… Oh wait, not so much. At least our Facebook is going swimmingly.

What an astounding number of people reached. On the bright side, I did get tacos for Valentines Day. My Valentines Day was seriously on fleek.
What an astounding number of people reached. On the bright side, I did get tacos for Valentines Day. My Valentines Day was seriously on fleek.



Busy Mom Chicken Tacos with Easy Lime Sour Cream Sauce

On the first day of school I managed to get up on time and cook a nutritious breakfast. Everybody made it to class with wrinkle free polos and my dinner menu was planned for that entire first week back.

That was August. It’s January now and despite new year’s resolutions and the best intentions a busy mom can have… I get lazy and tired and I just do not want to cook. Thinking about dinner can melt my brain after a busy day. My husband is sympathetic and usually understands when I say something like “I’m going to grab a pizza”. Or better yet he suggest that we hit our local pub and have a couple of beers while the kids gorge themselves on fried food with ranch. Always a good clean family fun, but not so great for our bank account or our health.

Apparently, nutrition is a thing, so I do cook most nights.
Over the years, I’ve developed a few last minute kid approved dinners that I rotate through on busy weekdays. One of our favorites is chicken tacos. Obviously my family is no stranger to the taco. We eat tacos weekly, in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. (insert pervy joke about my hubs here)

This recipe is however, the easiest and most highly rated of my last minute craptastic standbys.

Busy Mom Chicken Tacos on leftover holiday party plate. The only thing worse than cooking at the end of a long day is doing dishes.
Busy Mom Chicken Tacos on leftover holiday party plate. The only thing worse than cooking at the end of a long day is doing dishes.


Busy Mom Chicken Tacos with Easy Lime Sour Cream Sauce

What you need:

One busy a** work day

Just swing by your local grocer and grab a rotisserie chicken… there’s no time for heavy cooking

Whatever you got will work. Corn. Wheat. Potato. Potaaatto.
Doesn’t matter at this point.  

Shredded cheese

Lettuce and other taco toppings found on hand

Two limes

One small container of sour cream

A dash of salt and pepper

What to do:

After making easy sauce start pulling apart or shredding your rotisserie chicken. Or make someone else do the chicken dirty work. Kids, husband, roommate, or anyone else.. because your hands get real gross with. Next warm tortillas using a stovetop skillet. (If your chicken is cold you may need to warm it up in the microwave.) At this point just start composing tacos. Garnish with what is available and top off tacos with the easy lime sour cream sauce.
Throw some gold fish or a fruit cup down as a side dish and call it good.

Easy Lime Sour Cream Sauce

Combine juice from the both limes and sour cream into a small mixing bowl.
Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix.
Use as taco topping.   

I was originally going to call this recipe “Sh*tty Mom Chicken Tacos with Easy Lime Sour Cream Sauce”. Inspired by one of my Christmas presents.

IMG_2388 (1)

Such a thoughtful gift. Thanks John.


La Flama: A Review

When I first moved to Tulsa, I lived off of 11th and Lewis, in the converted attic of a duplex with my best friends in the whole world. Though we occasionally had to bunk with raccoons, snakes, stray dogs, stray boyfriends, and mountain lion cubs, the world was ours and we had the time of our lives.  We have all since then moved from the area, but on occasion sentiment draws us back to our old stomping grounds.  Recently, Shawn and I were on a routine taco forage.  We were heading to where it all began, Tacos Fiesta Mexicana, a taco truck icon and my taco truck first.  When we arrived at 11th and Lewis, Tacos Fiesta Mexicana was up and gone.  My heart sank.  I feared the worst.  About this time it dawned on me that Tacos Fiesta Mexicana was in fact a functioning truck and by definition mobile.  Tacos Fiesta Mexicana is still alive and well.   I worried for nothing.  

Still hungry Shawn and continued up 11th to find a new love…La Flama.  

La Flama:  A Taco Review

Location:  2603 E 11th St Tulsa, OK 74104…They also have a mother location at 1122 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK 74136  

How Much?:  1.50 a taco.  

Sketch Factor:  The shop front is unassuming and this gem of a taco shop is hidden in a shopping center stuffed with ethnic delights.  Despite a mystery puddle in the men’s room and few missing ceiling tiles, this place was legit.  Warm, welcoming, and just what the doctor ordered.

The Goods:  We ordered carne asada tacos and pastor tacos…they were good.  Real good.  Fat, flavorful, and fun.  The meat was well seasoned and grilled to crisp perfection.  I was happy to see a pineapple garnish on the pastor tacos, but the pineapple was from a can and as such was nothing more than a throw away.  Overall, the tacos were top notch.  La Flama is now a permanent fixture on my taco radar.    

So, let’s talk about the salsa.  We were presented with two options: a questionable, milky salsa verde and a more intriguing salsa rojo.  We were warned about the aggressive spiciness of the salsa rojo.  I scoffed, confident that I could hang with the big boys when it came to spicy.  Big mistake…huge!!!  The salsa was f-ing hot.  My generous application and subsequent ingestion was regrettable.  Let’s just say I was grateful to have a cold beer nearby.

If this taco were human?  John Candy…refer to the aforementioned taco description.    


Taco Blog Resolutions/ Strategic Taco Blog Plans

Well, we survived New Years Eve, barely.


I was talking to my sister about my taco blog and creating a strategic plan for 2016. I’m big on making plans. I read on a lululemon window once that said “a goal without a plan is just wish”. It was an odd place to recieve life changing advice, but hey, I’ll take good advice anyplace I can get it. Now that I’m a planner, I like to look at the end goal and work my way backwards. I was explaining this whole concept to my sister and the importance of creating my strategic taco blog plan. She laughed at my goal of one day having a taco book published or better yet a taco tv show.
I went on to explain how awesome my tv show would be and how John and I would travel around and eat tacos. Then she said something like “that’s already a show”.


Not having cable TV doesn’t normally have much effect on me. Like when a friend asks me have you seen this or that and blah blah other stuff… But this lack of information was a huge blow. Complete bubble buster.


After my shock and disgust passed I looked the show up. It’s a real thing. This Aaron Sanchez guy travels around eats tacos and he’s a chef and a Mexican. I mean, John’s a chef, but neither of us could pass for Mexican. Although, I do look good in a sombrero.


After watching a few episodes of Taco Trip starring chef Sanchez, I’ve decided that there is room in the world for more than one taco show. My show concept is more of a MTV Road Rules had a baby with Taco Trip. I can see clips in my head of John and I arguing about directions whilst driving through the ghetto in a large taco shaped van (I’ll be wearing a sombrero of course).


Taco Blog Resolutions/ Plans for 2016

  • Blog at least once a week
  • Figure out Twitter or how to log into multiple Instagram accounts
  • Proof Read!! Pre-write!! Just overall better writing.
    Hell, maybe even take comp once again.  
  • Meet chef Aaron Sanchez.
    (Chef Sanchez,
    If you read this, just know that you have an open invite here in Tulsa. I have a real nice air mattress with your name on it. My husband also has a cousin in Red Hook and we talked about making a trip to New York this summer. I’ll get back with you on the deats. 😉  

I’ve often wished I had Mexican ancestry.



Pollos Asados Al Carbon: A Taco Truck Review

A fellow taco lover recently recommended this truck to me. I vaguely knew of it’s existence, but embarrassingly had not yet tried it. I already frequent this intersection often to visit Calaveras Mexican Grill. This corner of Tulsa is referred to as the Kendall- Whittier neighborhood and I have to say that Kendall-Whittier has become one of my favorite areas to visit. I do stress the word VISIT. Unfortunately, K-W isn’t the type of neighborhood to take an evening stroll in or an alone daytime stroll for that matter. This fact is evident in the barbed wire fence that is surrounding the Pollos Asados Al Carbon Taco Truck. Despite the high sketch factor, this intersection has all the offerings an eclectic lady like myself looks for.

Click this map for a link to a newspaper article about the K-W neighborhood and read the comments for a righteous rant.
Click this map for a link to a newspaper article about the K-W neighborhood and read the comments for a righteous rant.

Ziegler’s– Top notch frame shop, art store and art supply shop… it just keeps going.

Circle Cinema– Fun independent movie theater

Jo and June– Darling little vintage and t-shirt shop

Calaveras Mexican Grill– Yum

Pancho Anaya Bakery– Traditional Mexican pastries with traditional prices… So you can literally fill a lunch tray for just a few dollars.

Pollos Asados Al Carbon– One of my new favorite taco trucks

Pollos Asados Al Carbon Taco Truck hiding behind a closed down coffee shop, an old strip club, a dumpster full of discarded memories.
Pollos Asados Al Carbon Taco Truck hiding behind a closed down coffee shop, an old strip club, and a dumpster full of discarded memories.
Tacos el pastor with creamy salsa verde.
Tacos al pastor with creamy salsa verde.

Pollos Asados Al Carbon:  A Taco Truck Review

Location: 2405 E. Admiral Pl, Tulsa OK 

How much?: $2 a taco

Sketch Factor: Admittedly, the dumpster that I had to pass and the barbed wire fence were off putting, but the service was fast and friendly. There was also some festive music playing and line of charming construction workers ordering tacos on their lunch break.

The Goods: My favorite are tacos al pastor… so that’s what I got. These tacos did not disappoint. They had a great little kick and the salsa verde was killer. It was obvious that the pork had been marinated with the proper amount time of spice and they weren’t greasy. I hate a greasy taco. My only complaint, and this is common, is that there was no pineapple and there should be.

If this taco were human?: It would be Eddie Murphy


No but seriously, read the rant in the comments of that newspaper article. Just click the map. Soooo Good.


La Hacienda: A Taco Rescue

The life of a 30 something full-time college student is not without its challenges.  Namely, never having enough time to eat breakfast.  Today was no exception.  I ran out of the house, 15 minutes late, with only a coffee to fill my empty stomach and fuel my mind for the rigorous day ahead.  I knew at the time, substituting breakfast for caffeine would end badly, but I threw caution to the wind and marched forward.
Surprisingly, skipping breakfast served me well.  The coffee heightened my senses and I found myself engaged in my classwork.  I was crushing life.  That is until about 11:30 when the coffee’s effect lost its efficacy and I began to plummet in the depths of hangriness.  I often suffer from hangriness. It isn’t uncommon for me to do all sorts of terrible things:  cry, laugh while crying, cry about something that makes me laugh.  But, most often I just make terrible food choices.  Anyway, I digress. This was about the time that I was stumbling through my lab final for microbiology. The lab final continued well into my next class period, and my hangriness gained momentum.  I arrived in nutrition class some 30 minutes late unable to focus on anything save my starvation and imminent demise. I waned through nutrition being constantly being reminded about the importance of a balanced diet and what a huge mistake that I had made skipping the most important meal of the day.  Finally, class let out and I used what little mental ability I had left to call in take out order from one of my favorite restaurants, La Hacienda.

IMG_0410FullSizeRender (1)







I ordered a round of Pork Gorditas, masa cakes filled with beans and pork shoulder. I have found that when I am in the throws on a hangry episode there are no bounds to the amount of food I can consume.  Each one of theses little fatties is the size of a baseball.
I arrived just a few minutes after ordering and my food was waiting on me.  I paid and quickly hopped back into my car.  The scent of slow cooked pork quickly filled the air and I began to salivate like dog who has just heard the dinner bell ring. The packaging and the messiness of the food that I ordered prevented from eating in the car so I sped home. Once home, things got real.  I tore open the to-go container to reveal the most glorious display Mexican cuisine I had ever beheld.  I wasted no time, in fact I barely got a picture of the Gorditas still intact.  What happened next was a blur.  I lost myself in the rapture of the moment.

Here is what you should know about La Hacienda.  The food is good and the price is right.  The atmosphere is ish… The decor sort of reminds of a vacation bible school set and there is faint smell of fried meat and bleach throughout.  The service is prompt and I have always had a marvelous time there.

La Hacienda saved my life today, and has done so in the past. Their Crispy Beef Tacos, for example, are one of the most effective hangover cures I have ever had the privilege of using. I full heartedly recommend La Hacienda for any authentic Mexican Food lover.


La Hacienda 
4518 S. Peoria Ave
Tulsa, OK 74105

Quarter Life Crises and Bad Taco Blogging

Tomorrow I will be better at taco blogging. I will also lose 10 pounds, stop drinking like a fish and be famously put together and fashionable, Tomorrow.

Below are three taco blogs that are better than mine.


#1 Better Taco Blog: Nick’s Taco Blog
Nick, if that is his real name, calls himself a writer and editor. From the looks of his blog, he’s more of a food wizard. His blog is full of mouth watering photos of original taco “ideas”, as he calls them. If you are good around a kitchen… you should check this blog out.


#2 Better Taco Blog: The Taco Trail
Taco reviews and critiques from our friends in Texas. Texas is one of my favorite places to eat a taco. I see a taco road trip in my future to visit some of The Taco Trail’s suggested spots.  

#3 Better Taco Blog: L.A. Taco
This blog has a grungy L.A. feel about it. I like it. In addition to taco reviews, this blog includes music, art, and a Los Angeles event calendar.  


emoji_taco_03.jpgAlso, I gained some insight regarding taco emojis reading L.A. Taco. Apparently, if I updated my phone, I would have a taco emoji now.



I’ll update my phone Tomorrow.  


Or maybe next year. Next year, I’m going to crush.


Gift Ideas For Taco Enthusiasts

In honor of National Taco Day I’ve put together a Taco Enthusiasts Gift List.
My birthday has passed, but I’ll include my address at the bottom of this post for your use during Christmas time.

  1. I’ve had my eye on this tee for a while, but as a working professional and parent I try to avoid wearing curse words…= Growing up makes you boring.
    Taco Tee by Buy Me Brunch
    Taco Tee by Buy Me Brunch Purchase at buymebrunch.com


  2. The Mission is a an amazing neighborhood with a hispanic influence in San Francisco. It’s probably one of the best places I’ve ever visited. Street art and tacos are at every corner. Here is a taco tee mocking the “Mission Hipsters”.
    Purchase at headlineshirts.net


  3. Taco Pillow. Duh.
    Find at Amazon.com
    Find at Amazon.com



  4. Yes, please.

    Barnes and Noble carries this gem.
    Barnes and Noble carries this gem.
  5. I’ve also had my eye on this guy for a while. Taco truck genius.

    Order from perpetualkid.com
    Order from perpetualkid.com
  6. Taco Takeover board game. Hello, instant game night classic! Especially on a “Taco Tuesday Game Night”. (Say that 5 times fast)

    Purchase at Amazon.com
    Purchase at Amazon.com
  7. Halloween, done.

  8. Taco tights. Obviously a must for any wardrobe.

    Purchase at rebelcircus.com
    Purchase at rebelcircus.com
  9. A gift card for tacos is always a great idea. Only second to actually gifting a taco. Unfortunately, the best taco spots rarely offer gift cards or even take credit cards for that matter.
    However, Chipotle, is a perfectly acceptable replacement for authentic tacos and readily available in most cities.

  10. The best thing you could possibly give a taco enthusiast on National Taco Day is a taco. Just like sandwiches tacos are better if someone else makes it for you.

Seriously though, why isn’t National Taco Day on a Tuesday?



1373 Riverside Drive
Tulsa, OK 74127